• Matt Jones

What to expect at an Actor Headshot Photoshoot

Photography by Matt Jones

If you've never had your headshot taken before - whether you're a new graduate, someone just starting out in the industry, or you just really dont like having your photo taken - Your first headshot shoot can be a little daunting, so here's a rundown of what you should expect at the shoot:

What to bring to the shoot

A selection of outfits that you look and feel great in! I deliberately don't cap the amount of outfits I allow people to bring to shoots, because if you bring a good selection of clothes then in the very rare instance that you bring something that absolutely wont work we just won't use it! Try and avoid large logos if possible, but apart from that dont feel that you have to play by any kind of rules at all. Its best to bring some neutral coloured clothes, and pastels and skin tones work well too, and if you’re completely stuck on colours, just google ‘Good clothes for people with _____ skin, _____ eyes and _____ hair’ (Obviously inserting whatever applies to you) and loads of stuff will come up!

How the shoot works

When you arrive at the studio send me an email or a message (You'll receive the contact details after booking) and I'll come down to let you in. We'll then head up to my studio and get started once you're ready! We'll cycle through the outfits you've brought with you, talking a good range of shots with each one, and pairing each outfit with a background that helps you stand out to casting directors! The aim with a headshot shoot is to finish with a good range of contrasting images that showcase who you are as an actor, so the shoot will start with a little informal chat about casting brackets etc, but if you're not yet sure on where you stand in the industry then that's absolutely nothing to worry about. Once we're satisfied we've got a really nice range of shots then we'll stop there and once I'm home I'll get to work on your gallery!

After the shoot

I'll do a couple of simple exposure edits etc on your shots and then get them uploaded to your gallery on the day of the shoot. From there you'll be able to see the shots I've favourited (Which you can pay as much or as little attention to as you'd like). You'll also be able to add and remove images from your own favourite list to help narrow your choices down, as well as commenting on photos to narrow them down further. once you've decided on your final choices, just pop them through the checkout section and the edits will be with you within 2 working days! Your gallery will stay up for 2 years, so there's no rush at all making your choices, and you can always come back for additional edits at a later date.

You'll be all set to get into the right audition rooms and take the industry by storm!

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