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I'm Matt, a 23 year old photographer based in Hackney, London. My work spans across Headshots, Portraits, Fashion, Editorial, Event, Behind-the-Scenes and more! Whether you're a creative, a businessperson or you're here on behalf of a brand, I've got you covered!

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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

About me

My first interest when it came to photography was headshots and more specifically how to bring out someone's character in a photo. This is something I've focussed on for the entirety of my photography career and carries through in every type of shoot I do.

Through my freelance work I've shot with companies and designers such as Boohoo, Hype, BoohooMAN, DIVALUKKY, British Council, Stage One and more, as well as being published in MOEVIR Magazine, MARIKA Magazine (Front Cover), Northside Magazine, ONLYCHILD Magazine and others. I also shoot business and commercial clients for Image1st photography and DG Corporate, part of 'We Are Photography', London's leading photography agency. With them, I've shot for businesses such as Twitch, The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, The Economist, Clifford Chance and others. 


I'd love to get involved with your shoot. Lets make something that demands attention now and keeps hold of it into the future. 

Your comfort is my priority


I make sure to never push anyone out of their comfort zone. The aim of each Headshot or Portrait shoot is to create work that perfectly captures who you are as a person. Obviously, this can't exist without a relaxing atmosphere - So I go out of my way to allow my clients comfort and relaxation. I tailor my style of directing to how you respond to the first few prompts, keep you up to speed on how the shots are looking and make sure you have as much creative control of the photos as you'd like. I'd also like to stress that if you'd like to bring someone with you for the shoot that's absolutely fine.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.