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How much do actor headshots cost?

Professional actor headshots can cost anywhere from £115 to £500+. The myth that 'more expensive means better' has allowed a number of actor headshot photographers to massively inflate their prices without changing their product at all, resulting in the majority of working actors struggling to save up for new headshots. I'm working towards changing that.

Choosing to keep my prices low allows a wider range of actors to access top quality headshots

The truth is, brilliant actor headshots can be found at almost any price if you know where to look. In fact, several extremely experienced photographers, including myself, have opted to deliberately price their headshot packages much further towards the low end, allowing more actors access to top-quality headshots. Some even have options for Flexible pricing.

How to spot a good deal

It's very easy to get confused between experienced photographers with reasonable pricing, and beginner photographers charging as much as they can. Here's a few things to look out for to spot value for money

  • Google Business Profiles: Make sure to google the photographer's name, and you should be able to find a good number of reviews attesting to the photographer's experience, ability and friendliness. If you're looking for studio photographers, make sure they shoot from professional studios with a full business address, rather than a 'home studio'

  • Blog Recommendations: Look for recommendations from well-known industry resources.

  • Industry knowledge: Most established actor headshot photographers have worked within the acting industry for many years, and a lot are also working actors themselves. Understanding the industry is key to being able to produce actor headshots that get results

  • Amount of clients: The more actors a photographer has taken headshots for, the more experienced they're likely to be.

Most established headshot photographers base themselves near major cities, simply because more actors live there. You'll always see better results travelling to a nearby city to shoot with a specialist in actor headshots than by finding rural photographers who don't normally shoot actor headshots but are happy to. Actor headshots are a sector of photography where specialist industry experience is extremely important.

Looking for actor headshots?

I'm recommended as one of the top acting headshot photographers, both in the UK and internationally. I also deliberately keep my packages at a low price point to allow more actors to access top-quality headshot photography.

View my prices or book a session here

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