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What to wear for actor headshots

There used to be extremely strict rules for this, but now things are far more relaxed. You should aim to bring a selection of clothes that you feel comfortable and confident in, show your personality and have a variety of different necklines, colours and textures.

Some examples of varied outfits in actor headshots. Photos taken by Matt Jones

The clothes you choose don't have to be extremely bright and vibrant colours if you wouldn't naturally dress like that, but make sure to not only bring black, white and grey clothing.

When it comes to additional styling choices, the key questions to ask yourself are 'Would I wear this to an audition?' and 'Will this take attention away from my face?' Jewellery is generally fine providing it isn't too distracting. Extreme patterns, printed designs and large logos should be avoided, although logos can usually be removed in Photoshop.

The same applies to hair: Any way you would style your hair for an audition should be covered in your headshots. It's very common for people to re-style their hair numerous times throughout a headshot shoot, and for people to shave their facial hair at some point during the shoot if they would like the option of playing roles with or without it.

The amount of outfit changes allowed in a shoot can vary between photographers, but I always say it's better to bring too many clothes than not enough. Bringing a massive amount of clothes can be a little counter-intuitive, but a lot of photographers don't have a limit on the number of different looks within the timeframe of the shoot, as there's no real reason to have one.

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